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“While working with John, we built out our entire C-Suite team, more than doubled the company in size, and ultimately sold for Billions.”

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The Book

As a confidential advisor to Billion Dollar CEOs for more than two decades, I’ve had a front row seat to the leadership corridors of many of the world’s largest, most respected, and successful private and public companies, from venture-backed start-ups to unicorn IPOs through trillion-dollar multinationals.

The Billion Dollar CEO includes stories, ideas, and approaches that my CEO clients have used to build and enhance many multibillion-dollar companies on my watch. These clients span many industries, but what they have in common is the unique ability to separate signal from noise, vital from urgent, and strategic from mundane. They excel at directing limited resources toward the greatest opportunities, they understand the power of leverage and the incredible advantage of crisp execution around a narrow set of objectives, while minimizing surprises and wasted effort.

A pre-release edition of The Billion Dollar CEO has been produced for our clients, their Boards, and investors; the book is not currently available for commercial distribution or purchase. If you were directed to us by one of our clients and would like to be considered for a complimentary copy, please contact us.


About Us

We help CEOs hit key milestones, build and develop their C-Suite, work more effectively with their Board, prepare for a raise or IPO, and minimize the kinds of surprises that can disrupt momentum or derail a career.

Boards and VCs count on us to enhance the leadership skills of their newer CEOs with a science, technology, or medical background, or to help when there are missed targets, unclear focus, troubling surprises, and unproductive conflict with the C-Suite and Board.

We believe better results stem from alignment around shared objectives and meaningful skin in the game, therefore, whenever possible, we prefer to put a significant portion of our fees at risk in the form of stock or options.

If this sounds like a potential fit for you or one of your portfolio companies, let's start a conversation.

Client Snapshot

US Bank
Elara Caring

About the Author

Mr. Callos brings decades of insights from his insider’s access observing and advising the world’s most successful CEOs and their C-Suite teams, notably in the biopharma, life sciences, high tech and financial services industries.

A graduate from USC’s combined Marshall School of Business and its Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, Callos enjoyed a distinguished career in banking prior to developing his CEO advisory practice.

Callos attained considerable recognition in the ultra-endurance community as a sponsored athlete in the 320-mile Ultraman Triathlon World Championships in Hawaii and the 155-mile Marathon Des Sables in Morocco’s Sahara Desert, recognized as the “toughest footrace on earth.”

Now retired from ultra-endurance, Callos spends his private moments as a fledgling vintner and olive oil producer in the Santa Barbara wine country, which is the perfect location to engage in one of his passions... driving his mercurial, vintage Porsches through the vineyards and winding backcountry roads.

CONTACT US: 800.986.1230